Bye, bye St. Ives peach scrub, big girl exfoliation explained

Can you imagine applying nail polish over and over again without removing the prior polish?  Now take that image and apply it to all the makeup and products you use.  Yes, I know you cleanse, but what about all the dirt,dead skin and debris that cleansing alone cannot remove?

Exfoliation is important because it sets the canvas, it aids in absorption of products, unclogs pores, minimizes fine lines, wrinkles and so much more.

If you are new to exfoliation opt for a glycolic serum, glycolic is mighty but more gentle than retinol. Retinol is a great product if you are a seasoned exfoliator. I always start patients in the winter with a .5 retinol a few nights a week, we then build from there. It is normal to have some sensitivity to retinol because of the advanced exfoliation it promotes. Irritations will always subside, just make sure you are protecting yourself with SPF.  If oily skin is your game then a salicylic serum will work wonders at unclogging pores and killing bacteria breeding on the skin.

With regular use you will find that your skin will have an overall brighter appearance and a smoother texture. Fine lines and wrinkles will reduce and become less prevalent with this prevention method. Pores will become unclogged and you will have less congestion and overall smaller appearance of pores.

Whatever method you choose please just please avoid the clarisonic, this is a very aggressive form of exfoliation as well as a breeding ground for bacteria!



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photo credit: skincare.about.com 


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