Plump up fine lines with micro-needling

If you follow my Instagram (@beauty_by_rach_) you have seen many blood shedding videos of micro-needling. I know it looks scary but I assure you the results will have you lining up for more.

Micro-needling is a controlled injury that creates microscopic holes on the treated areas. It can be done all over the body and especially on the face, neck and chest. As we glide the pen over the skin we are penetrating the area with a hydrating serum to give you a replenished look from the inside out. Hours later the holes close, and the healing process beings, collagen production is increased exponentially preventing further signs of aging. While the collagen is pumping away you are also getting a light exfoliation on the surface of the skin, improving tone and texture, (it is like a 2 for 1!)

The downtime can be anywhere from 3-10 days but typically you can expect some redness right after that follows with some flaking or light shedding. If you are prone to bruising or swelling let your provider know so they can help you control the downtime if needed.



Ps. The photo is our lovely Nurse Injector before and right after a micro-needling session AND chemical peel. She's actually 104 years old!

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