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Protect Your Skin This Summer With SPF's BFF Vitamin C!

Posted by Rachel Kwall on May 23, 2017

Want to know the true secret gold standard was in anti-aging? Of course you do!  Your answer is antioxidants, particularly that liquid gold vitamin C.

This power packed antioxidant acts as a shield behind your sunscreen to keep out environmental  and oxidative  damage. If you protect yourself with vitamin C not only will it up the ante on protection from your sunscreen but this power pair will also kick out the teeny tiny free radicals that pollute the air and try to enter your pores leading to pre-mature aging.

Find the perfect Skinceuticals vitamin C serum for you below....

C+E Ferulic

The most buzzed about product, with 15% pure l-ascorbic acid ( vitamin C) this is one of the top rated vitamin C serums out there. 

Phloretin CF and Gel

This 10% pure vitamin C serum is mixed with 2% phloretin to help brighten skin tone and protect. Great for someone with oilier skin and pigmentation they want to lighten. Comes in a serum and gel version.

Serum 10

This is a brand new Skinceuticals product at TGC, this is a pure 10% l-ascorbic acid serum that is great for sensitive skin or someone new to vitamin C. At under $70 a bottle this beauty elixir is a STEAL! 

Don't let your sunscreen fight aging on it's own, introduce your skin to a vitamin C serum now, and while supplies last we will be giving a FREE Skinceuticals sunscreen to every person that purchases a Skinceuticals vitamin C serum :) :)





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