We are now carrying ZO professional skincare

Rachel Kwall

Dr. Obagi has been a household name for many years, and we are happy to announce we are one of the few places in Chicago carrying his new line. The new ZO line is a physician only, dispensed line that can treat a myriad of skin conditions.

The  line is made up of products labeled under  ZO Medical, for a more aggressive treatment plan, and ZO Skinhealth, which is more for daily usage. The line focuses heavily on the use of exfoliation and believes that thru increasing cell turnover our products will better penetrate the skin and in time work better and faster. Most of the products do have some retinol in them so your skin is always producing collagen. There are more gentle options as well  that you can use while pregnant to help with melasma (a.k.a)  "pregnancy mask", and a great hydroquinone that will help with any accumulated pigmentation.  

Dr. Obagi has truly designed a complete skincare system to address pigmentation, acne, collagen growth and more. If you are interested or want to chat about what might be the right products for you from this line email me Rachel@mygeldnercenter.com 


* This product is not available thru online orders so please email with questions or comments :)




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