GC Oxygen Plasma Serum, Geldner Center Private Label

The Geldner Center Private Label

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GC Oxygen Plasma Serum, Geldner Center Private Label
This product contains MSM and Oxygen Plasma. This powerful duo prevents and reduces cross linking of cells which contribute to wrinkles, dark circles, scar tissue and stretch marks.

Oxygen Plasma kills anaerobic bacteria, reduces inflammation and triggers formation of collagen and elastin. Oxygen Plasma is a solution made with a complex carbon molecule which "mimics" the blood's ability to carry oxygen and biologically active substances into the cells. It transports volumes of oxygen into tissues, accelerating regeneration of skin cells.

This is a natural UVA-screening compound from sea algae which also protects the skin against photo-aging. It is a natural and safe UVA protecting moisturizer for everyday use!

TGC 100% Oxygen Plasma wrinkle serum heals and feeds the skin with nourishment, antioxidants, and oxygen. MSM enhances tissue pliability and encourages repair of damaged skin.

Aging, sun burn, micro-fissures, micro-fractures, smooths the skin

Put 6-8 drops on the face and throat in the evening, put more on wrinkles, around the eyes, scar tissue, problem skin after using MSM O2 Serum

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